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Sellers | Producers, Wholesalers, Dispensaries

Sellers | Producers, Wholesalers, Dispensaries

“Finally … a simple way to share details about my product”.

Using resources wisely is often the difference between success and failure. AX420 connects your product to industry research, establishing an inexpensive alternate information resource and sales channel!

Sellers | Create another sales channel for only a couple of dollars per day.

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Buyers | Users and Intermediary Suppliers

Buyers | Users and Intermediary Suppliers

Finally … an easy way to compare products.

Cannabis can get pretty confusing. AX420 distills the data into an easy-to-use comparison tool that allows you to connect medical conditions with products.

Buyers | Understand a product before your buy.

For the casual user, AX420 is always available and always free to use.

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AX420 Partners

AX420 Partners

Whether you are a producer, a wholesaler, a dispensary, a seed supplier, an investor or anything in between, you can benefit from AX420 Information Services. Become a Partner today and enjoy the benefits of membership. Maximize your revenues and participate in this transformational industry.

Join us today to become an integral contributor in this growing industry!

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AX420 Community

AX420 Community

AX420 believes in community. Community drives education and political awareness. Community drives innovation and collaboration.

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Limitless Opportunities

The global cannabis market is expected to grow at a rate

of 853% by the year 2024. Become a partner today!

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What is AX420?

What is AX420?

AX420 is a powerful new information application designed specifically for the cannabis industry – for sellers, a new tool to display their products, and for buyers, a new standard in product comparison. We are taking the guess work out of cannabis by increasing transparency with verifiable data to give value to your product choices.

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